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Causes of death in the Ferris lineage

The current database at has just over 9,700 entries. About 6,000 have the last name Ferris as their given name and are also directly linked to the Jeffrey Ferris line. The rest are spouses, and other leafs that I have not yet been able to tie to Jeffrey.

Connecticut 1614-1665

One of the first Europeans to see the region we know as Connecticut was Adriaen Block, exploring for the Dutch, who sailed up the Connecticut River in 1614. Block was a fur trader, dealing with the Dutch outposts along the Hudson River. In 1613 he was forced to spend the winter on Manhattan Island after […]

The Cudbeth Leaf

One of the most perplexing problems in tracing the Ferris family tree is known as the “Cudbeth Leaf.” In the mid-1800s, one Henry Dean Ferris (1755-1807) appears in Saratoga County, New York. His wife is listed as Priscilla Cudbeth (1754-1848). The two and their descendents have products quite a lineage of Ferrises. However, Henry’s link […]

Jeffrey Ferris Homestead

stained glass window in the First Congregational Church in Greenwich, CT.

Buried in the brush and trees, in a very posh part of the town of Greenwich, CT, is a ramshackle building that is all that remains of the home built by Jeffrey Ferris in the 1650s. The current street address is 181 Shore Road and the structure sits about 250 feet from the shore of […]

Names are the leaves on the family tree

As I slowly compile the lineage of Jeffrey Ferris in America, I am struck by the names of the people I record. Some are biblical, some unusual and some quite ordinary. Ferrises name their children after relatives, famous people and some just seem to pick a name for no reason at all.