Leaves From the Ferris Family Tree

The lineage of Jeffrey Ferris in America

Died in the Service of Their Country

Union soldiers before battle.

Union soldiers before battle. National Archives

Here is an incomplete list of the men from the Jeffrey Ferris lineage who died while serving during the Civil War. Note that two of these men died in Confederate prison camps.


  First Last Birth date Death date Death place Death cause
Charles W Ferris Jun. 13 1844 Apr. 20 1864 North Carolina KIA
Levi L Ferris Mar. 11 1840 May. 31 1862 Henrico, Virginia KIA
Henry Ferris Apr. 14 1838 Dec. 25 1861 District of Columbia UNK
Augustus Harvey Ferris Apr. 17 1837 Jan. 21 1865 Salisbury, North Carolina died as POW
Edley Byron Ferris Mar. 4 1840 Jul. 5 1864 KIA
Lt. Joel E Ferris 1813 May. 16 1863 Vicksburg, Mississippi KIA
George Washington Ferris Sep. 3 1827 1864 died after d/c from injuries
Caleb G Ferris Jul. 18 1824 Oct. 19 1864 died as POW
William Alexander Ferris Jun. 4 1829 Jan. 26 1863 Collierville, Tennessee illness
Edward Hixon Ferris Oct. 14 1837 Sep. 1 1863 Vicksburg, Mississippi KIA
David F Ferris Jul. 1841 Mar. 31 1865 Five Forks, Virginia disease
Alexander Ferris Dec. 1842 May. 16 1864 Hospital – Point Lookout MD KIA gunshot wounds
Benjamin Ferris 1841 Feb. 26 1864 UNK
Sgt. Andrew Ferris 1838 Aug. 20 1864 Lovejoy, Georgia KIA
George W. Ferris 1830 Jun. 17 1864 Virginia KIA wounds
Capt. Newton S. Ferris Sep. 9 1831 Jul. 30 1864 Petersburg, Virginia KIA
Capt. Frank B Ferris Apr. 18 1862 Shiloh, Tennessee KIA
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