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Looking for Frelinghuysen Ferris

On his mother’s side, Frelinghuysen Ferris (1846-1907) is a descendent of Jeffrey Ferris through his son, James. His father was a Ferris, as well, but the link to any lineage is a mystery. Frelinghuysen is the son of Ammi Rogers Ferris. The name Frelinghuysen is found as both a last name and a first name […]

That old time religion

The Jeffrey Ferris lineage is associated with several religions in the first 200 years of American life. Members were often heavy donors to their churches. The clergy attracted more than one Ferris man, and they served the Lord valiantly wherever they went.

The Mysterious Ammi Ferris

Looking through the lineage of Jeffrey Ferris, there are several marriages where a Ferris married A Ferris. There is at least one union between first cousins, and others of differing relationships. In the small and tight knit communities of New York and New England in the 1700s and early 1800s it happened. Families became interlocked […]

Ferris – Loyal to the King – Tories

There are a number of men in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage who chose to remain loyal to England during the American Revolution. The facts are a bit difficult to winkle out because the families were less than pleased and kept some of the particulars from history. The names can be found, but they are so […]

The Ferris Family in Connecticut

Jeffrey Ferris arrived in Connecticut between 1635 and 1640. He would remain in that colony until his death in 1666. He, and his family, would play an important part in the history of the state and in the development of western Connecticut. Records from the era are scarce, and there are several conflicts among Ferris […]