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Doc Ferris sets a baseball record

Ernest H. Ferris - minor league baseball pitcher

Ernest H. “Doc” Ferris was the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris. Born the youngest child of a farming family in the Cincinnati region, he soon saw that farm living was NOT the life for him. Instead, America’s sport, baseball, drew him from behind the plow. He played for a number of teams before and after World […]

Jasper E., the rascal Ferris

Jasper E. Ferris (1843-1934) is an interesting leaf from the Jeffrey Ferris family tree. In fact, I wonder if I have two separate people combined as I gather his information. If not, he is the winner of the “Most unusual occupation by a Ferris” award.

Rocket Man – Warren B. Ferris

Patent drawing of a rocket by Warren Ferris

Warren B. Ferris (1879-1951) may be the most inventive descendent of Jeffrey Ferris, or at the very least, the most inventive across several different fields of endeavor. From the Joseph line, he was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Jeffrey.

The old man of Saratoga

Caleb Ferris, in his later years

Caleb Ferris (1782-1883) was the great-great-great-great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through his son Joseph. He was one of at least eight children and, through two wives, he also fathered at least eight. Two wives, eight children and, oh, yeah, he lived to be 100 years, 11 months and 4 days old.

Shoe, shoe, baby

As civilization arrives on any frontier, what sorts of signs show that things are changing for the better? Well, perhaps the arrival of Jehiel Ferris (1744-1833) in the town of Burlington, Bradford County, PA., in 1795 was such a sign. You see, Jehiel was a shoemaker, the first shoemaker in the community.

Two Remarkable Ferris Women

While continuing my research into the Jeffrey Ferris lineage in America, I came across to Ferris women who struck me as unique and quite remarkable. They have nothing in common but their first name, Phoebe. I thought you might find them as interesting as I have.

Ferris and the Cut Glass Business

Corning, New York, is known for glass making and glass crafting. Along with a company that became Corning Inc., the Corning and Elmira areas had a number of small factories that produced glassware for shipment around the globe. The Ferris family, of the Jeffrey Ferris lineage, was actively involved in that work for many years. […]

Sherwood and Murray Ferris – Building a Better Corset

Ad for the Ferris Good Sense Waist corset

Like many in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage, it would appear, women with their clothes off came to occupy the thoughts of Sherwood Ferris. At the age of 33, in 1890, he was granted one of several patents for design improvements to the most important ladies undergarment of the day, the corset. He and brother Murry […]