Causes of death in the Ferris lineage

The current database at has just over 9,700 entries. About 6,000 have the last name Ferris as their given name and are also directly linked to the Jeffrey Ferris line. The rest are spouses, and other leafs that I have not yet been able to tie to Jeffrey.

In that I have listed the cause of death for those that I can. Here are what I currently know:

Deaths before becoming an adult

Died under the age of 18 years: 118
Died as an infant under 12 months of age: 57
Toddlers ages 1 to 3 years: 21
Children ages 4 to 17 years: 41

Some adult causes of death

Bright’s disease: 4
Cerebral hemorrhage: 6
Chagas: 2
Drowning: 3
Heart disease: 8
Horse related, falls, runaways: 6
La Grippe or influenza: 6
Lost at sea: 4
Murder: 3
Pneumonia: 7
Struck by lightning: 2
Suicide: 10
Tuberculosis and consumption: 6
Typhoid: 8

War related

Killed in action or from wounds: 21
Killed by Indians: 1
Died as a POW: 3
Disease while serving: 1
Disease caught while serving: 2

This is a very preliminary report because the data is entered in a number of different ways. Standardization to come.

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