Ferris and never married

Wedding ringThere are a fair number of members of the Jeffrey Ferris lineage who never married, despite living to a ripe old age. It appears that, if you were the child left to care for your aging parents, you were highly likely to never marry. Sons for mothers and daughters for fathers are the usual arrangements.

On occasion, a family will have several unmarrieds. Gay, physically or mentally challenged, or, well… who knows? Silas Hoyt Ferris and his wife, Charlotte Elizabeth Barnum, farmed in the Stamford, CT, area and all four of their children never married. They connect to Jeffrey Ferris through his son, James.

  1. David Barnum Ferris 1839-1903
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Ferris 1841-1897
  3. Silas Hoyt Ferris

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    , Jr. 1844-1897

  4. Theodore Isaac Ferris 1847-1933

Silas died 25 days after his sister

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, Sarah.

Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography

Theodore Isaac Ferris was a tall, thin Ichabod Crane-like eccentric. He would walk into town from his home on Bedford Street to buy day-old bread to save a penny and to read the newspaper at the public library. He would speak to little girls, but he did not like the little boys because they made fun of him. Eccentric he may have been, but he was no fool; when he died, they found money in the mattresses and money in the walls. He was a millionaire in cash and property!

The basic records that are available reveal no reason for the four Ferris siblings to have never married. I would welcome additional information.

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  1. This is amazing information! My father, James Douglas Ferris is the son of Charles Melvin Ferris who is (was) a second cousin to Theodore I. Ferris. Not only is that fantastic, but you mention the name Hoyt, my sister in law recently told me that we are 11th cousins once removed through the Hoyt family. This information is fantastic and I would be interested in knowing more. Thank you for your research.

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