Five Ferris Lineages Under Management

Here are the statistics for the five Ferris lineages I am managing on Ancestry. At this point, none of them are related to any other.

Descendents of Jeffrey Ferris in the USA and Canada 13,316 5,312
John-George Ferris Canada Family Tree 800 309
Ferris – Cuthbert leaf Family 430 161
Descendents of Zachariah Ferris in the United States 1,135 376
Richard James Ferris of Virginia 270 97

Remember a couple of things here. I am only tracking people with the last name Ferris. That means that MY family trees are much smaller than a traditional one. While no relationship between the trees is known

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, the Cuthbert / Cudbeth tree and the John / George in Canada tree area almost certainly related to either Jeffrey’s or Zachariah’s tree.


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  1. Hope you are well. As per DNA, descendants of Jeffrey and Zachariah show that these 2 guys were related.

    1. DNA will likely solve a lot of these issues. Hope folks will post their conclusions on-line.

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