Parents of Andrew Curtis Ferris

searchAndrew Curtis Ferris
Born: Jan. 1819 in Westchester County, NY
Died: 1902 in New York or New Jersey

This is one of a series of weekly posts about individuals that I am unable to place into a family tree. I cannot locate their parents, or enough information about their parents

, to tie them to any lineage. Drop me a line if you can help.

Andrew was one of the first

, if not the first, to use petroleum for lighting. He used the title “Colonel” but I cannot find any military service.

He was married to Eliza Clarissa Pittman and fathered eight children. Marriage date has not been found. First child born in 1843.

He may have participated in the California Gold Rush. There are articles that seem to have been written by him about his travels.

1850: Eastchester

, Westchester, New York
1870: Brooklyn, Kings, New York
1900: Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey

Burial site is unknown.

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