Parents of Cyrus Byron Ferris

searchCyrus Byron Ferris
Born: Jul 28, 1884 in Walton

, Eaton, Michigan
***** His WWI draft registration says 1882 but most other references say 1884
Died: Aug 04, 1962 in Stanislaus County, California

This is one of a series of weekly posts about individuals that I am unable to place into a family tree. I cannot locate their parents, or enough information about their parents, to tie them to any lineage. Drop me a line if you can help.

Cyrus “may” have been the son of Henry A Ferris and Rosita Mills. That information is conjecture.

He was married to Cora Monroe Smith in 1909

, in Coos Bay, OR. He fathered three children.

1910: North Bend, Coos, Oregon
1920: Marshfield, Coos, Oregon
1942: Stanislaus, California
1954: Modesto, Stanislaus, California

Burial site is in Modesto.

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