Rear Admiral Franklin Floyd Ferris

Franklin Floyd Ferris was born 6/22/1898, the son of Floyd Ferris and Bertha Bissell Allen. He was the 6th great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, though his son, John. His father was a wealthy banker and broker, and he grew up in the Ferris-friendly environs of Westchester County.

Ferris attended the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and graduated 256th in his class of 260 in June, 1921. His middie cruise may have been on the USS Kansas.

Naval Academy record for Franklin Floyd Ferris

1921-1922 records for June 1921 graduation of Franklin Floyd Ferris. Click for a larger image

leaving Philadelphia Navy Yard 1932

leaving Philadelphia Navy Yard 1932

LCDR Floyd Franklin Ferris was in command of the USS Kane from some point in 1937 until she was decommissioned Apr 28 1938.

Cruiser Raleigh (CL-7) arrived at Gibralter 27 September 1936 as flagship of Squadron Forty-T commanded by Rear Admiral Arthur P. Fairfield. This special squadron, initially comprising Raleigh, destroyers Kane and Hatfield, and CGC Cayuga, saved hundreds of American and other nationals from the dangers of the war in Spain. Kane and Hatfield were relieved by destroyers Claxton and Manley 9 November 1937 and sailed for home. Kane entered the Charleston Navy Yard 22 November and decommissioned 28 April 1938.

It isn’t clear if Ferris commanded the Kane at the time of her relief in Spain.

Executive Officer – USS President Adams (Guadalcanal)

USS Libra
Commanding Officer – USS Libra (Rendova) 2 July 1943 – 31 July 1944 rank: CDR

  • Treasury-Bougainville operation – Occupation and defense of Cape Torokina

    stromectol apotheke

    , 1 and 8 to 9 November 1943

  • New Georgia Group operation – New Georgia-Rendova-Vangunu occupation, 30 June 1944
  • Marianas operation – Capture and occupation of Guam, 21 to 25 July 1944

Bronze Star with V, Legion of Merit with V

1944 – assigned to Office of Naval Intelligence as a Navy Foreign Liaison Officer

1956 – Retired at the rank of Rear Admiral

The admiral married Alwilda Beverlin Jarden in 1923. They had one child

, a daughter who carried her mother’s name.

Ferris died May 24, 1966 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Much of this information has been obtained from a .pdf about Rear Admiral Ferris found at NavSource.

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