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The Thomas Ferris Affair

Inspired by the evils done to his father, Thomas Ferris joins the rebel army. Working behind enemy lines, he gathers important intelligence and works to hinder the enemy’s war efforts through kidnappings and sabotage. I present to you the adventures of Mr. Ferris:

Ferris – Loyal to the King – Tories

There are a number of men in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage who chose to remain loyal to England during the American Revolution. The facts are a bit difficult to winkle out because the families were less than pleased and kept some of the particulars from history. The names can be found, but they are so […]

The Captivity of Peter and Squire Ferris

From the recollections of Squire Ferris, here is the tale of the captivity of Peter Ferris and his son, Squire, by the British during the American Revolution. Squire Ferris sought a government pension for his part in these events for many years. There are a few other tales from their fellow captives but Squire has […]

Charity Ferris and the American Revolution

Charity Ferris’ 1807 Will

James Ferris,1734-1780, and his wife, Charity Thomas Ferris, played no small part in the American Revolution. Living in Throgs Neck, Westchester County (now a neighborhood in the Bronx), the family suffered much and yet, the legends says, worked to spy on the British occupiers and pass the information to General Washington.

A Ferris Loyalist in the Revolution

History of Stamford, Connecticut, from its settlement in 1641, to the present time by Elijah Baldwin Huntington pages 258 to 259 Joseph Ferris (1746-1836) – Stamford, Ct. Of such was that summary vengeance inflicted on that leader among our loyalists, Joseph Ferris, when our usually sober-minded citizens, after dipping him to their content in our […]