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A Ferris Family’s Sacrifice

Union soldier Charles W. Ferris buried at Arlington National Cemetary

Simeon Ferris and his wife, Hila Ann (June) Ferris had a good life in Mehoopany, Pennsyvania, in the 1850’s. They had 12 children, eight sons. Little did they know that by 1865 they would have suffered the worst loss a parent may have, the death of a child, not once but three times. Henry Ferris […]

That old time religion

The Jeffrey Ferris lineage is associated with several religions in the first 200 years of American life. Members were often heavy donors to their churches. The clergy attracted more than one Ferris man, and they served the Lord valiantly wherever they went.

The Mysterious Ammi Ferris

Looking through the lineage of Jeffrey Ferris, there are several marriages where a Ferris married A Ferris. There is at least one union between first cousins, and others of differing relationships. In the small and tight knit communities of New York and New England in the 1700s and early 1800s it happened. Families became interlocked […]

The Ferris family from Syria

One of the odd things that turned up while researching the Jeffrey Ferris lineage in America is a family, or series of families, named Ferris who immigrated to the United States in the period 1890-1920.

Names are the leaves on the family tree

As I slowly compile the lineage of Jeffrey Ferris in America, I am struck by the names of the people I record. Some are biblical, some unusual and some quite ordinary. Ferrises name their children after relatives, famous people and some just seem to pick a name for no reason at all.

Eugene Ferris – Medal of Honor

Style of Medal of Honor awarded 1862 to 1896

Eugene Washington Ferris was the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris. During the American Civil War he rose to the rank of First Lieutenant in the 30th Massachusetts. For his valor in combat in Berryville, VA. on April 1, 1865 he received the Medal of Honor. It’s not that simple, however. At the time, the sole medal […]

The Ferris Family in Connecticut

Jeffrey Ferris arrived in Connecticut between 1635 and 1640. He would remain in that colony until his death in 1666. He, and his family, would play an important part in the history of the state and in the development of western Connecticut. Records from the era are scarce, and there are several conflicts among Ferris […]