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Current Statistics

Here are the approximate numbers for the several family trees being worked on. The numbers represent the people with the last name of Ferris ohne-rezeptkaufen.com , Ferriss or Farris in that lineage, I have included spouses where I could in the trees but they are not included in these figures. Jeffrey Ferris lineage: 7,095 people

Avoidable Errors

While building the Jeffrey Ferris lineage, I see a wide variety of other people’s work. Most are excellent but I do see a number of easily avoidable errors.

Names are the leaves on the family tree

As I slowly compile the lineage of Jeffrey Ferris in America, I am struck by the names of the people I record. Some are biblical, some unusual and some quite ordinary. Ferrises name their children after relatives, famous people and some just seem to pick a name for no reason at all.

Peter’s wife, the unknown Squire

The genealogy records are bare of information. A woman named “unknown Squire” married Peter Ferris and bore him some children, including one Squire Ferris, before dying. Who was “unknown Squire”? Peter is in the lineage of Jeffrey Ferris and his son Kup Cialis bez receptya , Joseph.

Jeffrey Ferris Lineage

When Jeffrey Ferris came to colonial America in the 1630’s, he had no idea what his heirs might accomplish. He had hopes and dreams or he would not have risked all to emigrate. This website is a series of pages about the men and women who followed him Koupit Clomid , children, grand children, and […]