Vermont History and the Ferris Family

Map of central Vermont about 1795.

Map of central Vermont about 1795. Click for a larger image


1776 The three Commissioners, Benj. Franklin, Samuel Chase and Charles Carroll of Carrollton, sent by Congress to Canada, accompanied by John Carroll, a Jesuit priest and afterwards the first Roman Catholic Archbishop in the United States, in their passage through the lake, stopped at Ticonderoga ; at Crown Point to examine the works, and at Ferris’ (now Arnold’s Bay) where they spent the night. This Ferris was an ancestor of Hiram Ferris, pilot on the first “Vermont”.

Vermont was the subject of territorial disputes between New Hampshire and New York prior to the Revolution. In 1791

, it was the 14th state admitted to the Union. The National Park Service site on Vermont History has this to say: “Fort Dummer, near the present Brattleboro, was established in 1724 by Massachusetts colonists, and became the first permanent European settlement in Vermont.” More on the colonial era can be found at Vermont/New York Boundary History. Also: The Fourteenth Colony