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This is a map showing the Connecticut, New Haven, and Saybrook colonies from 1636-1776

This is a map showing the Connecticut, New Haven, and Saybrook colonies from 1636-1776. It includes the territorial disputes between Connecticut and its neighbors during that time period. It does not show Connecticut’s western land claims and dispute with Pennsylvania. Based primarily on descriptions from The Boundary Disputes of Connecticut by Clarence Winthrop Bowen. James R. Osgood and Company, Boston, 1882. Wikimedia Commons user Kmusser

When Jeffrey Ferris came to colonial America in the 1630’s, he had no idea what his heirs might accomplish. He had hopes and dreams or he would not have risked all to emigrate. This website is a series of pages about the men and women who followed him, children, grand children, and down through the generations.

A partial timeline for the Ferris Family:
1620: Plymouth Colony founded by Pilgrims
1624 New Netherlands became a province of the Dutch Republic
1630 Massachusetts Bay Colony founded by Puritans
1630 city of Boston, Mass. founded
1635 Saybrook Colony founded in present day Connecticut
1635 Jeffrey Ferris made a freeman in Boston
1636 Connecticut Colony founded
1637 New Haven Colony founded in present day Connecticut
1641 Jeffrey Ferris one of first settlers in Stamford (CT)
1644 Saybrook Colony merged into Connecticut
1649 Charles I beheaded. British abolish monarchy
1650 Treaty of Hartford places Dutch border 50 Dutch miles west of the mouth of the Connecticut River
1653 New Amsterdam given its municipal charter
1656 Jeffrey Ferris among other asking for Greenwich (CT) to join New Haven Colony
1660 English monarchy restored
1662 New Haven Colony merged into Connecticut
1664 English take New Netherlands
1666 Jeffrey Ferris dies in Greenwich, Connecticut Colony
1692-1693 Salem witch trials
1765 Peter Ferris and family arrive on the Vermont shores of Lake Ticonderoga

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