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Ferris and the Choctaw Nation

Until today, the only demonstrated connection between the Jeffrey Ferris lineage and Native Americans has been the Humboldt County, California, Hoopa Valley Tribe. The Kurok and Yurok of the area have a fair mix of folks with the last name of Ferris now. Alvis modafinil-schweiz.site/ , a fifth great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, and his […]

Ferris, Sioux and Shoshone

I have been tracking another Ferris takeover of a Native American tribe. While I cannot link the first Ferris to our lineage, the lusty procreation and involvement with a woman not his wife does suggest he carries the same genes. Edward Ferris came to South Dakota in the early 1880s. Public records list multiple birth […]

He fell in love with an Indian maid

Unlike, Kaw-Liga, the wooden Indian, Alvis Ferris did fall in love with an Indian maid. Alvis, a fifth great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, and his offspring brought new blood to a small Northern California tribe at a time when it could have just faded away. Born in 1832 of Samuel Ferris and Sally Spears, Alvis […]