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The lineage of Jeffrey Ferris in America

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The Ferris Connection to Hillsdale College

In the mid 1830s, Chauncey W Ferris and John P Cook traveled to the Michigan wilderness just north of the Ohio / Indiana border. Chauncey was the fifth great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through Joseph. Born in 1811 in Cato, New York, he was destined to have a role in the establishment of one of America’s […]

William I Ferris and the fountain pen

Lewis Waterman invented the modern fountain pen in 1883. In 1885, when the company was called the “Ideal Pen Company, a young farm boy named William I. Ferris began working there. From 1887 through 1927, Ferris would patent at least 13 types of fountain pens or fountain pen accessories. Waterman now makes its high-end fountain […]

Dallas and the Ferris family

Texas and the Ferris family have a long, intertwined history. Both the Jeffrey Ferris lineage and the Zachariah Ferris lineage have made important contributions to the Republic and to the state. This is the story of the descendants of Jeffrey Ferris, however. Warren Angus Ferris belongs to the other lineage and will not be found […]

Rev. Frank Halliday Ferris

hospital ship USS Mercy in France 1918

A comfort to many in World War I, Frank Halliday Ferris was born to Edwin Sherwood Ferris and Mary Halliday in 1892, in Brooklyn, New York. He was a sixth great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through his son, Joseph.

Shot dead in Davis

An Old West shootout took the life of John R. Ferris (1839-1869) in Davisville, now Davis, California in 1869. This is the story and just about all we know about John R.

Folsom Prison Blues

Charles Herbert Thackwell Ferris (1913-2007) Charles was born in Michigan to James Herbert Ferris and Daisy Ruth Thackwell. By 1940, at the age of 27, he had served prison time in Michigan, at the Federal pen in McNeil Island, Washington, and in California’s famous Folsom Prison.

The Eds of Hiram Ferris

Hiram Ferris (1792-1876) was the 4th great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, through his son, Joseph. Hiram was a vigorous man, producing at least 20 children with the help of three wives. Fifteen of those children were sons. And all had names that began with “Ed.” Seriously.

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