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Shot dead in Davis

An Old West shootout took the life of John R. Ferris (1839-1869) in Davisville, now Davis, California in 1869. This is the story and just about all we know about John R.

Folsom Prison Blues

Charles Herbert Thackwell Ferris (1913-2007) Charles was born in Michigan to James Herbert Ferris and Daisy Ruth Thackwell. By 1940, at the age of 27, he had served prison time in Michigan, at the Federal pen in McNeil Island deutschland doxycycline , Washington, and in California’s famous Folsom Prison.

The Eds of Hiram Ferris

Hiram Ferris (1792-1876) was the 4th great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, through his son, Joseph. Hiram was a vigorous man, producing at least 20 children with the help of three wives. Fifteen of those children were sons. And all had names that began with “Ed.” Seriously.

A Heart Wrenching Tale

The Fredericksburg News from Fredericksburg , Iowa ยท Page 5 January 27, 1938 first the son Joe died of a heart attack on Saturday and while his body lay in the undertaking parlors Sunday the father Mr. Wells Ferris succumbed to a stroke brought on by the death of his son and the two […]

Hugh Crockett Ferris – MIA 1945

Hugh Crockett Ferris, Army Air Force, missing in action, World War II

Hugh Crockett Ferris was the co-pilot and first officer of an Army Air Force C-54 that left its base at Barrackpore, India, on July 4, 1945, bound for the airfield at Kunming, China. It never arrived. Ferris and the four other members of the crew are listed as missing in action. The aircraft was assigned […]

A Ferris mansion built on copper

The George Ferris Mansion, a historic home in Rawlins, Wyoming

George Ferris was one of the sons of Samuel and Sally Ferris. Born in Michigan in 1840, he died in Carbon County, Wyoming, in 1900 when thrown from a carriage. He is a fifth great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through Joseph and brother to Alvirus (Alvis) Ferris. George made his fortune in Wyoming, investing in […]

He fell in love with an Indian maid

Unlike, Kaw-Liga, the wooden Indian, Alvis Ferris did fall in love with an Indian maid. Alvis, a fifth great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, and his offspring brought new blood to a small Northern California tribe at a time when it could have just faded away. Born in 1832 of Samuel Ferris and Sally Spears, Alvis […]