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Lee Storm Ferris Killed in Action

Lee was one of the many, many Westchester County, New York , Ferrises. Born in 1915, he would be killed in action in the Hurtgen Forest of far-western Germany in December 1944. This was before the Battle of the Bulge but the fighting was no less intense.

Ferris and the Choctaw Nation

Until today, the only demonstrated connection between the Jeffrey Ferris lineage and Native Americans has been the Humboldt County, California, Hoopa Valley Tribe. The Kurok and Yurok of the area have a fair mix of folks with the last name of Ferris now. Alvis , a fifth great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, and his […]

Van Wyck Ferris

This tale clearly falls into the “Oh, you poor bastard” category. Van Wyck Ferris was the fifth great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through his son John. Born to Westchester County social royalty, Morris Patterson Ferris and Mary Lanman Douw, in 1890, he built a career in real estate in New York and Florida. His death, in […]

Commander Edward Mortimer Ferris, Royal Navy

Edward Mortimer Ferris was the sixth great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through his son, John. He was born Kup Tadacip bez recepty w Warszawie , in 1909, in Ohio of Raymond West Ferris and Henrietta Davis. Raymond Ferris was a noted yachtsman before World War II, and served as a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy […]

Rear Admiral Franklin Floyd Ferris

Franklin Floyd Ferris was born 6/22/1898, the son of Floyd Ferris and Bertha Bissell Allen. He was the 6th great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris, though his son, John. His father was a wealthy banker and broker, and he grew up in the Ferris-friendly environs of Westchester County.

A Ferris Love Story

or “Fancy meeting you, here!” This is the story of Harlo Hakes Ferris and Rubey Statira Ferris. It is a love story and among the most unusual that you will find in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage.

Savior of NYU – Dr Isaac Ferris

New York University , NYU, has been one of America’s top schools for some time. Boasting a variety of very successful programs, it turns out attorneys, doctors and photographers by the hundreds. Yet, about 162 years ago, the school was struggling and it looked like it might have to close. Then one man […]