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A Ferris Love Story

or “Fancy meeting you, here!” This is the story of Harlo Hakes Ferris and Rubey Statira Ferris. It is a love story and among the most unusual that you will find in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage.

Mission to India

Maharajah of Kohlapur visiting the British residency in 1894

This is the story of the Rev. George Henry Ferris (1853-1894) and his wife, Lucy Hall Ferris (1854-?). The Rev is the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through his son, James. Like his fifth cousin, once removed, Dr. Phoebe Annie Ferris Koupit Značka Cialis , he was called to minister in India.

That old time religion

The Jeffrey Ferris lineage is associated with several religions in the first 200 years of American life. Members were often heavy donors to their churches. The clergy attracted more than one Ferris man, and they served the Lord valiantly wherever they went.