Why did they never get married?

As I work through the family tree, I see many relatives that never married. One family in particular stands out. I have been searching for the links to Huntington’s Chorea in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage and came across this family.

Joseph Ferris [1776-1831] and his wife, Priscilla Knapp [1793-1872] were among the Ferris lineages that moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, early in the 19th century. They had nine children. I have found spouses for just two of them. The other seven appear to have never married. And that is curious.

Sarah Knapp Ferris [1814-1840] married Eri Leonard Jewett.
Mary Ferris [1815-1838] married John Brooks Jewett. (related to Sarah’s husband)
Andrew Jackson Ferris [1818-1890] Never married.
Charles Knapp Ferris [1819-1883] Never married.
James Ferris [1821-1841] No spouse discovered thus far.
Ruth Ferris [1824-1858] No spouse discovered thus far.
Phoebe Ferris [1823-1896] Never married.
Priscilla Ferris [1827- ] Possible duplicate of Phoebe. No spouse discovered thus far.
Joseph Ferris [1830-1891] No spouse discovered thus far.

Priscilla Knapp Ferris lived a long time. Long enough that several of her sons are listed in the 1870 census as retired farmers.

This is of interest because, tracing the tree upstream, it connects with both Ferrises and Knapps that may have had Huntington’s. Could that be the reason that so many in this family did not marry


, that they had Huntington’s?

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  1. I live near the cemetery and decided to do a little research about the tombstones behind the church here in Mariemont. Thanks for the info.

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