Why did they never get married?

As I work through the family tree, I see many relatives that never married. One family in particular stands out. I have been searching for the links to Huntington’s Chorea in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage and came across this family.

Joseph Ferris [1776-1831] and his wife

, Priscilla Knapp [1793-1872] were among the Ferris lineages that moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, early in the 19th century. They had nine children. I have found spouses for just two of them. The other seven appear to have never married. And that is curious.

Sarah Knapp Ferris [1814-1840] married Eri Leonard Jewett.
Mary Ferris [1815-1838] married John Brooks Jewett. (related to Sarah’s husband)
Andrew Jackson Ferris [1818-1890] Never married.
Charles Knapp Ferris [1819-1883] Never married.
James Ferris [1821-1841] No spouse discovered thus far.
Ruth Ferris [1824-1858] No spouse discovered thus far.
Phoebe Ferris [1823-1896] Never married.
Priscilla Ferris [1827- ] Possible duplicate of Phoebe. No spouse discovered thus far.
Joseph Ferris [1830-1891] No spouse discovered thus far.

Priscilla Knapp Ferris lived a long time. Long enough that several of her sons are listed in the 1870 census as retired farmers.

This is of interest because


, tracing the tree upstream, it connects with both Ferrises and Knapps that may have had Huntington’s. Could that be the reason that so many in this family did not marry


, that they had Huntington’s?

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  1. I live near the cemetery and decided to do a little research about the tombstones behind the church here in Mariemont. Thanks for the info.

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