In Flanders Fields, Ferris Goes to War

On the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, I would like to list those members of the Jeffrey Ferris lineage who served in that war. The list is a work in progress.

William Mead Ferris
KIA Blois, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France
died in hospital from injuries due to gas attack
buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Name Life Span Service Notes
Alfred McClellen Ferris 1893-1966
Allen Harvey Ferris 1897-1954 CH YEOMAN US NAVY
Arnold Jackson Ferris 1895-1974 U.S. Army – Battery F, 307 FA
Arthur Newton Ferris 1897-1926 Quartermaster Corps
Basil Gerald Ferris 1896-1975 1918-1918
Burdett Ferris 1883-1955 Co I 166 Inf Reg 42 Div
10 Aug 1918, listed as prisoner of war, on second day list
10% disability
Charles Gilbert Ferris 1884-1969 1st Lieutenant, 45 Engineers
Charles James Ferris 1894-1956 18th Infantry
Chester Arthur Ferris 1885-1969 CO. K 23 ENGINEERS
Clarence Harold Ferris 1896- Supply Co.

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, 1st FA

Never sent overseas
Claude Roland Ferris 1895-1985 HQ Co.

, 63 Art.

Clifford Charles Ferris 1895-1966 Battery E, 334th Field Art
Dakin Bennett Ferris 1894-1936 Chief Quartermaster, Naval Aviation Detachment at MIT
Daniel Ostrander Ferris Jr. 1892-1966 He entered the Army in 1916/17 and spent the War in the mountains of West Virginia making mustard gas. Helped found IBM
Donald Morrison Ferris 1894-1943 Battery D, 5th Field Art, 1st Division
Elmer Alton Ferris 1902-1964 Served in both world wars
Everett Leon Ferris 1895-1957 1914-1920 On June 13, 1914, at the age of 19 years, he enlisted in the U.S. Regular Army at Jefferson Barracks, Mo. He served in the U.S. Army for six years, including World War 1. He held the rank of sergeant in the medical department of the Army at the time of his discharge at Erie Proving Ground in Ohio on June 4, 1920.
Forrest G Ferris Jr 1899-1958 U.S. Navy – Yeoman First Class
Frank Apollis Ferris 1893-1984 US Army
Frank Dunning Ferris 1896-1972 US Army
Frank Fenton Ferris 1872-1972 physician
Frank Halliday Ferris 1892-1974 U.S. Navy – Lt JG, Chaplain’s Corps
Frank Orsemus Ferris 1857-1938 CAPTAIN US Army Fought in the Indian Wars on the plains; was stationed for a time at Fort Leavenworth KS; retired before WWI but was called back; listed as veteran of Spanish-American War.
George William Ferris 1881-1965 2Lt, 18 Engineers Native American
Harold Brayton Ferris 1893-1966 353d Infantry, 89th Division WIA in the Argonne
Harry Ranselaer Ferris 1893-1963 Cpl, Troop M, 3 Cavalry
Herbert Clarence Ferris 1898-1982 US Navy – Fireman 2nd
Homer Dolph Ferris 1894-1988 1918-1918 discharged while in cooks school
Howard Elisha Ferris 1896-1985 US Army
Ira Newland Ferris 1899-1962 US Navy BM 2c
Isodore Marion Ferris 1894-1953 PFC CO E 13 AMMUNITION TRAIN
James Covell Ferris 1896-1974 54 MG Bn
James Herbert Ferris 1882-1977 U.S. Army – Captain artillery born to missionary parents in India
James Lawrence Ferris 1893-1992 US Army Quartermaster Corps
rose from private to 2ndLT
Citation certificate for meritorious service
John Estill Ferris Sr. 1877-1960 US Army Hunted Reds at home. U.S. Department of Justice

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, Bureau of Investigation 1917-18; resident in charge Military Intelligence, General Staff, U.S. Army at Milwaukee WI, February-November 1918; commissioned Major, Military Police, US Army Reserve, 1923; served with the 306th Military Reserve Battalion, 1923-28

John Stewart Ferris 1891-1974 U.S. Army – 58th Engineers

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, private

John William Ferris 1897-1969 US Army
Joseph Robert Ferris 1891-1938 US Army Field Arty, PVT 1CL
Karl Milburn Ferris 1896-1933 US Navy a veteran of World War I, having served in the U. S. Navy
Lawson Henry Ferris 1891-1935 US Army – Evac Hospital #9
Lester Peter Ferris 1894-1968 US Army Depot brigade, Provost Company, Cpl
Lyell Ely Ferris 1893-1923 Corporal, Co. H 52 Pioneer Inf suicide by gun shot
Nial Edwin Ferris 1890-1950 US Army – dentist
Ora Cecil Ferris 1896-1972 1918-1919
Otho E Ferris 1895-1924 U.S. Army – 109th Inf, 28th Div
Paul Peterson Ferris 1897-1956 U.S. Army – 27th Div, 102 Supply train
Ralph Hubert Ferris 1889-1969 US Navy – Naval Air Station

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, Pauillac, France

Reginald Sherman Ferris 1891-1972 Co F
301 Engrs
Richard Ferris 1893-1964 US Army, Co M 324 Inf, Sgt
Richard Sanford Ferris 1899-1993 US Marine Corps
never served overseas
Robert Reed Ferris 1896-1928 US Navy
Roy Thomas Ferris 1895-1966 Co B, 314 MG Bn
Royal A Ferris Jr 1895-1958 US Army founder, Browning-Ferris Machinery, served in both world wars. rose to rank of Colonel
Theodore Franklin Ferris 1895-1975 US Armt
Theodore Nelson Ferris 1890-1973 157th Depot and Quartermasters Corps, private
Valentine E Ferris 1896-1918 US Army died of influenza in hospital in Maryland
Warren Cuslee Ferris 1895-1954 US Navy – Naval Air Station, Brest, France, QM2
Warren O Ferris 1897-1956 HQ company, 9th Infantry, Second Division
Wayvis William Ferris 1895-1971 US Army – Ord
William Edward Ferris 1892-1935 PVT CO L 10TH NY INF US ARMY
William H Ferris 1897-1982 US Army

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  1. My grandfather, Elmer Warren Ferris, served in WWI in the navy. He was a signalman on a battle ship (name I can’t remember. I’ll try and get it for you.) He enlisted late in the war (and young – had to get his father to sign for him!), so he lucked out and missed some of the worst of the war. While in Barbados, he contracted either measles or mumps and was put off the ship for awhile. I have a picture of him if want one.

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