Leaves From the Ferris Family Tree

The lineage of Jeffrey Ferris in America

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Current Statistics

Here are the approximate numbers for the several family trees being worked on. The numbers represent the people with the last name of Ferris, Ferriss or Farris in that lineage, I have included spouses where I could in the trees but they are not included in these figures. Jeffrey Ferris lineage: 7,095 people

Avoidable Errors

While building the Jeffrey Ferris lineage, I see a wide variety of other people’s work. Most are excellent but I do see a number of easily avoidable errors.

The Ferris family from Syria

One of the odd things that turned up while researching the Jeffrey Ferris lineage in America is a family, or series of families, named Ferris who immigrated to the United States in the period 1890-1920.

Stephen James Ferris and Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Two painters and artists of note that are not in the Jeffrey Ferris lineage are: Stephen James Ferris 1835-1915 Stephen James Ferris was a Philadelphia portrait painter and etcher who collected over two thousand American and European prints. Smithsonian Institution Stephen James Ferris (1835-1915), a Philadelphia portrait painter and etcher, collected over two thousand European […]

Those Other Colonial Ferrises

One of the issues that has bedeviled genealogists researching the Ferris family tree in the United States has been the existence of two lineages, that of Jeffrey Ferris and that of Samuel and Zachariah Ferris. The timing of the arrival of the Samuel / Zachariah lineage is a bit uncertain but it is believed that […]

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