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The lineage of Jeffrey Ferris in America

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Ancestry Status

The mess with linking to Ancestry.com seems to be fixed. This link https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/115339067/recent goes to the Jeffrey Ferris lineage. Several other leafs that I could not link to the main tree have been removed. As I have the opportunity and energy, I will post links in the sidebar.

The First Wife

One of the interesting things that I have noted while building these trees is the problem of the first wife. For many of the men in the tree, only the first name of their first wife is recorded. There are perhaps several dozen women known to history by just their first names. No maiden name.

The Ferris Connection to Hillsdale College

In the mid 1830s, Chauncey W Ferris and John P Cook traveled to the Michigan wilderness just north of the Ohio / Indiana border. Chauncey was the fifth great-grandson of Jeffrey Ferris through Joseph. Born in 1811 in Cato, New York, he was destined to have a role in the establishment of one of America’s […]

The Ferris name before America

Ray Riegel, an attorney and traveler, has put together a significant work involving the Ferris name. His site: Henri de Ferrières (1036-1088) Descendants to the Era of Jeffrey Ferris (c.1610-1666)

The Wethersfield massacre

From the 1630s onward, the newly arrived settlers of New England began a series of conflicts with the tribes of Native Americans living in the region. Those conflicts, large and small, were fought nearly entirely by militiamen and not professional soldiers from the English or Dutch government. Few set piece battles occurred. The wars were […]

Causes of death in the Ferris lineage

The current database at Ancestors.com has just over 9,700 entries. About 6,000 have the last name Ferris as their given name and are also directly linked to the Jeffrey Ferris line. The rest are spouses, and other leafs that I have not yet been able to tie to Jeffrey.

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